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Cuba Perfume Story


The company which has been producing the brilliant Cuba Perfume products was established in France in 1992. A couple had dreamed of the Cuba Perfume brand who wanted to give a special Cuban cigar shape to the brand. Cuba Paris is a fragrance and cosmetics company that uses natural elements of Cuban origin to produce different kinds of products.  As the history of Cuba is deeply steeped in the tobacco industry, Cuba is well known around the world as the land with the finest tobacco, it is only fitting that the cigar-shaped fragrance decanters of Cuba Paris reflect this rich heritage.

At the very start, Cuba perfume started the production with 4 men’s fragrances in size 35 ml. Cuba products were also popular at the beginning thanks to their outstanding quality, unique shape as well as to their competitive prices. After some years, there have been demands for extending the variety and the sizes of packaging.

Today Cuba perfumes have a great variety of products and high-quality packaging containing long lasting, unique fragrances.

The variety of products has significantly increased and Cuba product line can be found all over the world by now. Cuba is not only offering perfumes but also sells the unique gift boxes, roll on deodorants and other cosmetic products. Cuba is a leading product line is the US, South America and across Europe as well.

The strengths of Cuba come from its unique shape and high quality sold at a very competitive price level.

Each CUBA PRODUCT has a CPNP Certification!




Sales lanes

Some of the countries where Cuba products are sold:

  • USA and North-America
  • South-America
  • Europe (UK, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Italy, Benelux and Scandinavian countries, etc.,)
  • Asia (Malaysia, China, Singapore)
  • Morocco
  • The Republic of Ireland since 2016

If your company is interested in selling the fantastic Cuba products in order to increase your range of products and your revenue, please feel free to ask for our offers.